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Silence for A while

A busy summer, a lack of inspiration, too much doubt....

Story by Glenn Charles November 21st, 2015

Summer was crazy busy and I feel like I am lost artistically. So much good to talk about, but a deep hole exists in what I am producing and where I want my photography to go. Today, with winter on the horizon, I decided to take the Salsa Bucksaw out for a ramble in the woods. An attempt to jump start the creative juices. I took the D810 and a single 50mm lens out in hopes of finding some space…


Damn this bike is Fucking Fun

My first time out on trails and dirt with the Bucksaw and it does not disappoint. Lock out the suspension and it just hammers. Loosen up things and it eats up the our East Coast rocks and roots. Yes, I know, Foot Traffic only, but to be honest, this time of the year, their ain’t nobody out here and this trail leads to one of my favorite meditation spots.


Did I say this bike Rocks

There are always people that are instrumental in us as individuals getting to a certain point in life. Scott Felter, DUDE, you are the man. Your drive for perfection, your creativity, your loyalty — Damn, they mean so much and something that I feel I won’t ever be able to adequately repay. Know that words can never adequately thank you for all you have done for me!!


Soon this will be ice


it only takes a bit

It never takes me long out in the woods to feel rejuvenated. I guess that is why I need to spend more time out there.. Just me, two wheels, and the DIRT.


follow the path

nough said

Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge, Washington County, ME, United States