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Sony A7rii

A Photo Review

Story by Glenn Charles June 1st, 2016

long exposures


Handheld macro!!


Sony 90 Macro G

Loving this lens. I am able to use my little Manfrotto LED light on a mini pod and hand hold the A7rii with the 90 and OSS and get some really nice food shots. The lens is a bit longish, but the quality and sharpness along with the OSS makes it a real keeper!


June means it is Fog season


Morning Fog


90 Macro straight in the sun


Incredible detail and Tones


A summer hike

What a joy to go for a hike with a lightweight setup capable of producing stunning imagery. This little walk had me carry the A7Rii, the 90 Macro, the Sony Zeiss 55/1.8 and a polarizing filter. Shooting macro hand-held, while not technically perfect, still allows for the capture of workable images.


Summer is upon us in downeast Maine

Between the fog and the arrival of the Lupine’s, you know that summer is here.


Incredible detail

I am blown away by the detail this camera delivers. Using the super cool ‘eye’ focus feature, I was able to get this grab shot using the 55/1.8 Sony-Zeiss lens. The image on the left is a 1:1 crop. Stunning reflective detail captured in the eyes.


The Loxia 21

I do so love the folks at Lensrentals. They really are the best way to evaluate lenses before purchasing. With that said, I have the Loxia 21 in hand for a week to test. Right off the bat I love the way this lens feels and renders. The lens pairs incredibly well from a ‘handling’ perspective on the A7Rii. The pair feels just right.

Focusing is a snap, especially with my aging eyes. Using peaking and the zoom function I am able to quickly get to a base focus and then refine as needed. More to come as I get out and play with this lens for a week.

June brings big tides and fog in the downcast Maine region
A negative low tide shows off the decaying structure of the old smoke house

Thelovely Zeiss 35/1.4 arrives

Big… This lens is definitely big, especially for a mirrorless camera. However, it is a true dream of a lens. It arrived yesterday and I have already shot a ton with it. I finally feel like this lens is unlocking the potential of this camera. While big, it is not bigger than the Sony 90 Macro, a lens that I had already grown accustomed to shooting with. It balances nicely on the camera with some form of grip. In my case I have the RRS L plate which adds just a tad bit more bulk to the camera making it easier to hold the larger lenses. I have the vertical grip as well, which I think will be spectacular for using this lens… More details to come along with images from the 25 Batis and the little 35/2.8 Sony.


20 Seconds

I love that magic time after the sunsets. It is the time that everyone else puts their cameras away and I come out to shoot. This is pretty interesting image if you look closely. I have motion from the people walking on the dock and this very cool light trail out in the distance. It looks like it is emanating from the light across the bay, but I actually believe it is light refraction off of the lite fog that occurred when a car turned on their lights in the parking lot. I guess it is an impromptu light painting image :-).

This camera is a keeper. After a series of rentals I have decided on my base kit. It will be the Batis 18; the Zeiss 35/1.4; the Zeiss 50 1.4; the 85 Batis; and one of the longer zooms. Going all in on Sony!!


The Beautiful Sony-Zeiss 50/1.4 Planar

After a summer of testing lenses I have finally settled on the base of my sony kit. At the heart of my system will be the 50/1.4 Planar lens. Large and obtrusive, this lens renders beautifully, right up there with my Leica 50 Summilux. It will be paired with the 18 Batis and the 70-200 G master lens. Rounding out the kit will be the 90 Macro and the newly announced 50 Macro. I will be letting go of the Zeiss 55/1.8, a nice lens especially size/weight wise, but one that just never excited me. I do see adding one of the zooms to my kit as well, either the 16-35/4.0 or the rumored 16-35/2.8… For now I am super excited to have this 50 in my arsenal, a focal length that I shoot with more than 75% of the time.


Look at that Bokeh


Lost fishermans memorial

Stunning separation


Stunning Detail

The resolving power of the A7RII coupled with the new 50/1.4 Planar is nothing short of spectacular


the real deal

Run don't walk, and go buy the Sony/Zeiss 50,1.4 — It is absolutely a game changer for the A7Rii



I absolutely love the rendering of the Batis 18. The super moon exposed not only the towering floating dock pylons, but lobster pots that have been dumped awaiting pickup.

Footnote: This is a visual journey of my switch to the Sony Professional Imaging System.